How to get a gas pressure washer started


Pressure washers are devices which help us reduce the manual work related to cleaning process, be it cleaning our house, backyard or vehicles. And most of us have one of the best gas pressure washers in our home for the cleaning purpose, because it is the best and the popular choice for the job. The following steps are those which we should all follow when we are trying to use a pressure washer.

  1. Ensure that the gas pressure washer is placed on a perfectly flat surface, it is also equally important to ensure that the water strainer is in place as well.
  2. Ensure that the garden hose is connected to the inlet of the gas pressure washer and the garden hose is connected to water supply as well.
  3. Then we should ensure that the high pressure hose, through which the water is sprayed is connected to the gas pressure washer’s outlet.
  4. Select the right nozzle which provides you the length and the right reachability to do the cleaning job. If you don’t have the right nozzle for the job, then it is very difficult for getting the cleaning done quickly and swiftly.
  5. Then turn on the water and see to that there is no leak anywhere and there is enough water inflow to the gas pressure washer to complete the job.
  6. And before actually starting the cleaning process exhaust any air that is left in the water flow path, squeeze the trigger of the gun and that will release all the air that is there in the water flow path.

Before turning on the pressure washer,

  • We should first ensure that the fuel valve is in the open position and there is enough fuel in the pressure washer.
  • Move the choke to the open position, most of the time the choke should be moved to the left side to ensure that it is in open position.
  • Then turn the throttle to the full position, which again on most of the gas pressure washers is on the left side.
  • Then turn on the engine to start the cleaning process.
  • Hold the spray gun in the right position so that we have the right angle to push water onto the object to be cleaned. It is the pressure and the angle which works hand in hand and makes the cleaning process quicker and swifter. If we don’t have the right nozzle or the angle, then the cleaning process will take more time than what it would usually consume.
  • Once you start the actual cleaning process pull the recoil on the engine and also turn off the choke.
  • The choke is to ensure that you start the pressure washer quickly, just like how we use choke in our vehicles. We should turn it off when we start to use the machine.

Ensue that you read the user manual word for word and also watch a demo video to get a complete understanding of how the gas pressure washer is to be used and how to get it to work efficiently. The tips and tricks are the most important things to watch out for. When you watch the demo video ensure that you watch the same one corresponding to your exact model.